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Lake Tahoe Zip Line Company Review

Wow.  This was damn fun!

I’ve done zip lines in Hawaii, Mexico, and in a few other exotic locations in the World.  Some were more awesome than the ones at Lake Tahoe Zip Line Company.  But, seldom were the views more spectacular.   Just imagine, looking down the mountain at Lake Tahoe.  Truly spectacular.

I didn’t find the ride to hairy.  It was not steep or too speedy.  So I think most kids that are not afraid of heights should find it exciting and really fun.

Once you arrive at the pickup point, the team at Lake Tahoe Zip Line Company Lake Tahoe from zipline platformwill shuttle you in one of three of their vans to the zip line course.  After a pretty extensive safety talk, they harness everyone up and you climb a very cool rope wall to the first platform.  I won’t describe the whole course, but I will tell you to have a camera ready for the starting platform on zipline #2. The view of Lake Tahoe from this platform is stunning.

final zipline at Lake Tahoe Zip Line CompanySo contact Lake Tahoe Zip Line Company at (775)555-1212 or on their website to make a reservation.  Come back here and tell us how much you enjoyed it and what was your favorite part!

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