Finding RV Parks While On the Road

11 Tools for RVers to Find RV Parks While On the Road

You’ve purchased or rented an RV and have chosen a route, but now what? You’ll need to plan ahead for where you’ll park your RV during your travels. If you’ve never gone RVing before, this can feel a little overwhelming. Before COVID, there seemed to be plenty of RV sites but with the travel restrictions and peoples desire to travel more safely, RVIng has exploded. With over 1,000,000 new RVers hitting the road, finding an RV park with availability can be daunting.

We’ve been full-time RVers for over 3 years and the difference in availability has been extreme.  But we still do pretty well by using our list of ‘go-to tools’. We hope this list helps you.

11 Great Tools for Finding RV Parks

Find RV Parks at Passport America

1) Passport America

Passport America is the Original 50% Discount Camping Club. With Passport America, you can enjoy over 1450 campgrounds across North America for as much as 50% off of regular rates.

2) AllStays

With Allstays, you can live in your home on wheels. Listings are rank-ordered by popularity and verified with up-to-date photos, reviews from people just like us who’ve been there themselves, contact information for reservations and more. When every second counts between getting the ideal spot for the best price or filling your RV with ice from that great nearby lake to keep it cold we’re there to make life a little easier…even when you’re out in nature without cell phone coverage!

Campendium Find RV Parks3) Campendium

Campendium is the app where campers say “yes!” You get up-to-date info on camping spots, and you don’t need to remember a thing. It even uses your GPS location to tell you how much it will cost for an RV spot nearby! Find out why Campendium has earned its 5 star rating from both users and critics alike. Campendium is your ultimate resource for getting the relaxation you deserve. That’s why we created our guide to RV parks in the United States and Canada—to give you a full list of all the secluded getaways, convenient locals, and ideal excursions waiting for you just an armchair away. Relaxation isn’t all Campendium offers . You can also use us as your camping guide by perusing through informative articles to help plan logistics like sleeping arrangements, food options, games to play around the campfire, or even what gear you need

KOA Find RV Parks

4) KOA

KOA campground is the perfect place to stay when you’re looking for a getaway with your family, friends, or even by yourself! It can not only provide you with a nearby location to pitch your tent or park your RV but also give you access to some of the highest quality cabin rentals and showers in any camping area anywhere. Log on now, choose from one of over 500 KOA locations across North America and make reservations today for an unforgettable experience!

Harvest Hosts Find Unique RV Parking

5) Harvest Host

Join 2000+ unique campgrounds with a Harvest Hosts membership. Give your RV the comfortable feel of home, during your next off-the-beaten path travel adventure! Experience the four seasons at wine and beer tasting room farms, waterside campsites and more.

Find RV Parks with Good Sam Directory

6) Good Sam

From tents to RVs, there are a lot of things that come with camping and traveling. Bring your Good Sam Membership along and you’re on your way to an idyllic experience! From discounts on camping gear to limited-time offers of free RV accessories, we’ll make sure every adventure is better than the last! With us by your side, safety doesn’t have to be expensive. Enjoy camping discounts from Good Sam Club, plus save on RV accessories, fuel, propane & more!  Good Sam offers money-saving discounts, plus support & protection on the road.

Find RV Parks with RV Trip Wizard

7) RV Trip Wizard

Ever get ready to set out on the open road, only to spend hours trying to plan your route? It’s not as easy as you think. With RV Trip Wizard, planning an RV Camping trip has never been easier. Forget about roving endlessly through search results looking for unbiased data that will help make your life a lot better and just meet our unique criteria with ease: we provide safe routes nearby you’ll love! All of this without breaking the bank! RV Trip Planning made easy with unbiased data & best-in-class features. Save time, plan RV Safe Routes, and find great campgrounds.

Find RV Parks with RVC

For the camping enthusiast, is a community helping enthusiasts find public and private campsites as well as share information on how to boondock, tips for RV campers, and listings of available camper shares. Public And Private Camping And Campgrounds Including Boondocking, Free Camping, RV Camping Tips, RV Rentals, And Pubic Land Camping Resources.

9) RV Parky

RV Parky is the all-new app for up-to-the minute RV destination solution referencing information about RV Parks and Campgrounds. With more than 1,700 listings in 50 states and Canada, there are over 10,000 reviews from happy travelers – so you know you will find a safe location to stay with amenities that match your needs. This easy to use app has GPS powered directions with each listing including well designed user reviews by fellow campers like yourself which can be sorted by popularity and types of facilities such as dump stations, WiFi access parks, LP/propane gas available, cable TV hookups etcetera. Find new friends at national chains or just boondocking down the road from home in your friendliest neighborhood. Directory and reviews of RV Parks, Rest Areas, and other RV friendly places in the U.S. and Canada. They have a very fast interface and they have a very extensive list, including boondocking locations.


Looking for the best campsite? Never fear campers, thank goodness for! Welcome to America’s most complete camping guide where every stop has been photographed and catalogued. Navigate through maps to find a site in your area or by region of the country. No need to worry about how you will use this app because it is available for iPhone, Android, and computers too! This app was designed with one main focus: high-quality photos of usually little known off-the-beaten path campgrounds all over the USA that are updated as soon as any new ones can be found so welcome wild campers seeking offroad adventure. CampsitePhotos has an extensive list of public and private RV campgrounds.  Biggest downfall: they do not list phone numbers on their listings.  So you have to do a little Google search to make contact with RV Parks management.

Find RV Parks & Boondocking with Hip Camp

11) Hip Camp

Hip Camp’s mission is to help campers find the sweet spot between quality and affordability. We want you to get back to nature in style and stretch your dollar as far as possible.  Who doesn’t want to get away from the urban jungle and lose themselves in nature? Hip Camp is a community-driven app that showcases spots for outdoor adventure, outfitted with all your camping needs. From tents to tree houses and everything in between– it’s got you covered (literally). Hip Camp is the most comprehensive resource for discovering and booking unique outdoor stays including tent camping, RV parks, cabins, treehouses, and glamping.


I’ve never thought much about the BENEFITS of camping.  We simply do it because we love it.  But I do have an interesting article that was relayed to me that I think you should check out: “20 Amazing Benefits of Camping“. 

We find ourselves driving down the road and making a last minute decision on where to stay, quite often.  We always start out with destinations where we intend to stay for a while – but it’s the travel between those destinations where we really need to use these tools to solve one problem: where can we drop our leveling jacks for the night?

Our First Step:

We check things out, starting with Passport America.  We’ll look ahead and see if we can grab a reasonably nice spot for 50% off.  If we find something matching our criteria, we use the phone.  Call the RV parks and ask if they can accommodate us for 1 or 2 nights.  If they say ‘yes’, then we ask if we can have the ‘Passport America rate’.  Nine times out of 10, they’ll say yes.

Second Step:

If we had a total miss with Passport America, we break out AllStays app on our cell phone.  Allstays has been incredibly useful.  We sometimes find that we’re simply going to have to ‘boondock’ in a truck-stop or Rest Area.  Allstays has great reviews on those too.  So, we’ll look for full hookups or possibly punt and go for a boondock location.

Third Step:

We head to and see what’s available.  Not our favorite way to go – but KOA’s can be handy if you’re ready to pay a little more.  One tip with KOA – don’t think that if you call them that they will give you a better rate. In our experience, it’s been quite the opposite.  Use the online booking system to get the best rate.

The other tools that we list here – we use frequently for research. But they’re not our tools that we use for last minute bookings.  We use RV Parky and to research reviews and see pictures.  It helps us make decisions when we have time to research.  

Is there any other tools that you like more than the ones we’ve listed?  We’d like to hear your opinions!

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